Challenges for MNCs:
AP State Government is no longer a viable source. AP Government (thorugh APIIC) allocated land to early entrants such as Infosys, Microsoft, Oracle, Mind Space (Raheja Group) etc. But the demand now far outstrips the supply. It has become very difficult to procure large-size real estate from AP Govt. for MNCs to build corporate campuses.
It is difficult to find large chunks of lands close to Hyderabad that is ready to be used for building Tech parks. Most of the available land close to the city of Hyderabad is fragmented. It is not easy, if not impossible, to aggregate large swathes of land to build corporate campuses.
Procuring land from private organizations is fraught with legal risks. MNCs need to be very careful in procuring land from known creditable entities to avoid any potential legal risks.
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